Hassan Khan
Information Security Architect/Consultant

Hassan has over 15 years of experience in information security and product development.

 As a Security Technologist at Microsoft, he was responsible for compliance, threat modeling, conducting security assessments, managing vendors and delivering security trainings.  He developed security tools like Anti-XSS Library and Static Code Analysis Plugin for Visual Studio to help look for Injection Vulnerabilities in .NET applications. These tools were added to the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle. He then worked on Microsoft Security Essentials and Forefront Endpoint Protection Teams to develop the Network Inspection System to protect unpatched host machines against zero-day attacks.

 As a Software Design Engineer Hassan has worked in high performance organizations to build cloud applications. For Microsoft Skype, he designed and developed recording and Azure cloud hosted meetings. Then at Clean Power Research, he architected and developed the SolarAnywhere Big Data Application in AWS Cloud.

 Hassan’s extensive experience in information security and product development allows him to work closely with development teams to build secure products. He is a strong proponent of agile development and is also a Certified ScrumMaster.